Frequently Asked Questions from Officers

Circle K is an international service organization that is the college level of Kiwanis International. It is the largest collegiate service organization in the world and is built on service, leadership, and fellowship.

Your dues pay for

    Subscription to Circle K Magazine
    Membership handbook, pin, and certificate
    Club, district, and international newsletter
    Club officer training materials
    Chance to compete for Circle K scholarships
    Attendance at conferences and conventions

One year membership dues last from October 1st each year. Clubs must have 20 members paid to District and International by December 1st of each year (15 members for community colleges).

Keeping track of service hours helps to assess the club’s impact on the community. It also makes the club and individual eligible to win awards and scholarships. It is motivational tool for clubs and individuals to do more service each year. Members may also use hours on resumes, and other professional development documents. We are required to report hours monthly to District and International.

Conventions offer fellowship with other Circle K’ers from around the district and even around the world. You are able to make new friends, gain valuable leadership skills, and have loads of fun!

A service hour is 60 minutes of VOLUNTEER service done inside or outside of the club. It includes time spent at the project, travel time to and from the project, and time spent planning the project. Any volunteer work conducted to receive credit for a class does not count.

Yes. Outside service hours can be turned into the person in charge of keeping track of service hours.

District: When four or more Kiwanis family members of the same club visit another club in the Kiwanis family with at least four of their members present.

The club banquet is an opportunity to induct members, install officers, and celebrate club achievements. We encourage Circle K’ers to attend other club’s banquets to show their support and interact with members from other clubs. This is a great way to recognize members for their achievements!