Receipts and Reimbursements

You will need to create a system for keeping up with receipts and, making the appropriate reimbursements. This will keep you from making mistakes and will help you when you maintain the budget. You will need to provide a reimbursement form for your members to use, and make sure they know how to fill it out correctly. Do not give out reimbursements without both the reimbursement form and the receipt on file. Try to get the check back to them quickly, but don’t try and get checks made the same meeting the receipts were turned in. A few good rules of thumb are to only accept receipts that are less than thirty days old, and to update the budget with the new expenditures as you write the checks. A last guideline to give to members and officers is to be mindful of what they are buying and attempt to be “thrifty.” It is always best to get approval for the expenditure before making the purchase because being reimbursed is not always a guarantee.