Charter Paperwork

Upon its charter, a new Circle K Club must prepare four documents: the (1) Charter Petition, (2) Club Bylaws, (3) Club Policy Code, and (4) Club Budget. The Charter Petition and Club Bylaws must be submitted to Circle K International.

Circle K International requires that the Petition to Charter be submitted in order to become an official Circle K club. The Petition to Charter includes all relevant information about your new club and its members. This form must be submitted to CKI.
Download Charter Petition

The Club Bylaws are the governing document for your club. They decide how your club is managed, how new members, join and what your club stands for. Luckily, most of that is already written in the Standard Form for Club Bylaws, so you simply have to fill in blanks. This form must be submitted to CKI.
Download Club Bylaws

The Club Policy Code is the managing document of the Club’s Board of Directors. It specifies how the Club Board operates, when the club meets, and how the club is ran on a day to day basis.
Sample Club Policy Code

Each year CKI clubs adopt an Annual Budget that governs their finances, including service, administration, and social funds. Although the budget may appear different for a new club, the basics principle remains the same.
Download New Club Budget

Chartering a club can seem daunting at times, but Circle K has created an all encompassing manual to help you through the process.
Club Building Manual