How do we pay dues?

Dues are payable October 1st, which means that is the first day you can make the payment. However, you should begin announcing the deadline to your club and begin collecting the dues at the beginning of the fall semester. Your club should receive a packet from International around the middle of September with instructions for paying dues. It will have a password and other access information for you to access the secure Membership Update Center ( This is where you will delete old members, change their information if needed, and add new members. You will pay your member dues for International and District in one payment to the International office. The online membership update center will provide you with an invoice and an address for which to send the invoice and the amount of dues to be paid. A copy of this invoice should also be sent to the District Treasurer (without the payment, of course), and one copy kept for your records.The final deadline for submitting dues is December 1. If you do not meet this deadline, your club will be considered suspended and prohibited from seating delegates at the District Convention and ineligible for any awards given by CKI. Members of suspended clubs are also prohibited from running for district or international office.

International Dues are paid on a yearly basis; District dues may be paid anytime a club desires to add a new member to its roster.