Kiwanis Family Relations Overview

It is important to have a strong relationship with the Kiwanis family in your surrounding area. Having a strong relationship with the Key Clubs and especially your sponsoring Kiwanis club will help keep your club strong.

By being involved with the Key Clubs you are in a way recruiting future Circle K members. (I have found many Key Club members do not know about Circle K.) Having a strong relationship with your sponsoring Kiwanis club is important. This way they know how they can help your club whenever possible.

Staying in communication with other members of the Kiwanis family will not only allow you to be involved in their events, but will also encourage their participation in your events,

    Attend Kiwanis meetings once a month if possible – this will allow you to update them with your projects and allow you to learn theirs.
    Appoint a K-Family chair to attend meetings and stay in constant communication with each entity of the Kiwanis family.
    Help both Key Club and Kiwanis with their service projects and fundraisers
    Keep in contact with your Kiwanis advisor.
    Invite them to attend your meetings, special events, and service projects.
    Speak at Key Club and Kiwanis meetings and invite them to speak at yours.
    Initiate a Kiwanis family appreciation campaign where you recognize a member of Kiwanis at your meeting or theirs.