Kyle’s Tips for Success

    Have each of your board members set a personal fundraising goal for the district project: RIF!
    Don’t forget that you are in your position because people have faith in your abilities! You have support!
    Apply for the Tomorrow Fund!
    Create folders that can be passed on to the next officers!
    Make calendars for your members!
    Social media is your friend!
    Use awards as a guide to run your club!
    You don’t walk around with an “S” on your chest! Remember you are only human!
    Plan for emergencies! Expect the best, but prepare for the worst!
    Prepare speeches! Speak loudly, confidently, and thoroughly!
    Lead by example!
    Keep your social media clean!
    You are a student first! Make sure if you can’t do it, someone else can!
    Never forget people are looking up to you!
    Keep your word! If you say it, do it!
    Celebrate success, and recognize accomplishments! People LOVE attention!
    Be friends with your members! Make memories!
    Tell your story! Be your own inspiration!
    Give the praise, take the blame!