Planning Fundraising Projects

    Organize a bake sale
    Work sporting event concession stands/ stadium clean ups
    Create customized koozies to sell on campus for a specific cause
    Contact organizations about copyright use
    Distribute change jars throughout your community to collect change or have a Penny War
    Organize a community car wash
    Check with your local Auto Zone or Advanced Auto for opportunities to use their supplies for a very low or no cost
    Contact local restaurants about charity days
    Organize a Pie-Your-Professor Day or a Jail-n-Bail Day on campus
    Host a “Shots for shots” sale on campus with non-alcoholic jello shots to raise money for EliMiNaTe
    Organize and host a Pancake Dinner
    Organize a Cutest Pet Contest where pet owners can submit pictures to Facebook
    Whoever has the most “likes” decides which charity part of the donations go to