Submitting Club Monthly Reports

Each month, it is your responsibility to report your Club’s activities to the District. While this may seem like a pointless thing to do and that the District wants to be nosy in your Club’s business, the monthly reports serve many useful purposes. First, they serve as a record of your Club’s activity. This will allow you to have a record at the end of the year of what your Club has accomplished. Next, the reports allow the District to evaluate in your Club’s activities. This is not to say that the District will be involved in all of your Club’s activities, but if your Club is struggling, then the reports will alert the District to your problems and steps can be taken to help your Club overcome any challenges. Another thing that the reports accomplish is your Club’s status for some District awards. Some awards are based on what you reported to the District. The final thing that the reports allow is for the information to be passed along to different levels in Circle K International. Each month, the District has to submit a monthly report to the International Office that reposts things such as service hours and membership numbers.

So now you may be wondering how you can actually submit these reports. All you have to do is go to the District website ( and look at the top menu bar. There you will find a section called “Club Monthly Reports”. All you have to do is follow the questions and then click submit.

Information requested on the monthly report form includes:

1. Number of Dues Paid Members

2. Number of New Members for the Current Month

3. Number of General Club Meetings

a. Date

b. Number of Members

c. Number of Advisors

d. Number of Other K-Family Members

e. Number of Potential Members

f. Number of Guests

4. Number of Meeting Programs (speakers, in-meeting service projects, etc.)

5. Number of Board Meetings

a. Date

b. Number of Officers

c. Number of Advisors

d. Number of Guests

6. Number of Kiwanis Family Relations Event Attendance

7. Number of Circle K Interclubs Attended

8. Number of Circle K Interclubs Hosted

9. Service Hours

10. Late Service Hours

11. Service Fundraiser Participation

12. Club’s work on RIF

13. Club’s work on Eliminate

14. Outstanding Member of the Month

15. Which District Officers contacted you

16. What can the District do to help you

Once you submit the report, it will be sent to the District Board. After completion of the report form, the District Secretary will send a copy of the report back to you for your records. It will then be your responsibility to send the report to your Advisors, Lieutenant Governor, and all Club Officers.

Now you may be wondering when you have to turn in these reports. Below is a table with the time table for when you should submit your report for each month:

Month of Due by:

April May 5th

May June 5th

June (Not Required) July 5th

July (Not Required) August 5th

August September 5th

September October 5th

October November 5th

November December 5th

December January 5th

January February 5th

February March 5th

March April 5th

There are many incentives for filling out your reports on time. The biggest one is that in order to be considered for District Awards, your club must have submitted at least 75% of the reports on time. If you have any questions that come up when filling out your monthly report, contact the District Secretary.