Timeline for a Fundraising Event

Since treasurers are often asked to assist with, if not plan, fundraisers, this section should serve as a guideline for what you should think about doing and how far in advance to have to most success. 

2-1 month(s) prior:

• Decide on what to do, when to do it and where to do it (event type, location, time)

• Organize a list of “tasks” and “goals” to complete

• Create a list of people who you are inviting (is it just the e-board? Or is it the e-board and the members? Are Kiwanians coming?)

3 weeks prior:

• Check the venue/location, book everything

• Make sure financials are set. How are you getting the money?

• Send invitations! You want to make sure that people have plenty of time to RSVP

1 week prior:

• Send reminders about the event

• Finalize your details (make sure your reservation is still there)

• Get whatever materials you need

2-1 day(s) prior:

• Re-review your schedule/plan of events

• Send a “final reminder” to everyone who is attending

• Make sure you have everything you need

8-6 months prior:

• Determine what kind of social you will be organizing, taking weather into account

• Figure out who will be handling which parts of the planning

• Finding specific people to concentrate on only finances or only publicizing will really help you organize the event.

• Create a small list of goals to keep you guys on track.

6-5 months prior:

• Determine a time and a venue (the larger the event, the earlier it should be done)

• Book the venue. I cannot stress how important it is to do this early

• Designate one person to deal with fundraising/finances and make that person responsible for finding the money for venues and materials and such

3 months prior:

• Start advertising! Large events require large attendance, so start telling your Kiwanis clubs about it and make it aware that a “big event” is coming up!

2 months prior:

Recheck your reservation, check your finances (make sure you have the money)

Start selling “tickets” around here if you’re charging admission

Start advertising outside of your club if this is what you’re interested in doing

2 weeks prior:

• MORE ADVERTISING!!! This is your last “big push” for attendance

• Finalize your details, make sure you know exactly what is happening when

• Get all the materials you need.

3-1 day before:

• Send a final “friendly reminder”

• Recheck your reservation

• Have a final “organizer’s meeting” to go over exactly what the schedule will look like, anticipated attendance